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Do you want to learn more about your relationships and mental health issues? Get the skills you need to transform your life—beginning with the relationship with yourself.

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Breaking Free: Strategies for Overcoming Negative Thought Loops and Core Beliefs

This blog explores practical strategies for overcoming negative thought loops and challenging negative core beliefs that can impact our mental well-being.


Why Effective Communication Skills Are Essential for a Healthy Relationship

Effective communication skills include active and reflective listening. Active listening requires attention to the speaker, while reflective listening involves paraphrasing. Both skills lead to productive conversations, read more


How do you know you need therapy?

Ever questioned 'Do I need counseling?' Find answers here, providing clarity to dispel uncertainty. Let this guide illuminate your path to well-being.


Finding and Getting Started with a Therapist: A Comprehensive Guide

Deciding to seek help from a mental health professional can be a pivotal moment in a person's life. Read on to find out how to find the perfect therapist!


Understanding Ghosting: Why Men Disappear from Relationships—Insights from a Relationship Therapist

Ever wonder why men sometimes ghost women? Read on for some perspective based on the work on John Gray, PhD.