Distance Can't Kill the Flame: 3 Expert Tips for Keeping Passion Alive in Long-Distance Relationships

How do you keep a long-distance relationship strong?

Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be challenging, but it's definitely possible to keep the love and connection strong despite the physical distance.

You could be living 5,000 miles apart, or on two different continents, and, while its not ideal, there are ways of making it work, keeping it strong AND having fun by making intentional efforts. Here are some tips for keeping the interest, passion, and commitment alive in a relationship when you can’t see the other person often.

1.       Video Calls

When it comes to a long-distance relationships, technology is a wonderful way to keep the relationship active and exciting. If you aren’t already, you must get comfortable with facetime calls and seeing yourself on camera. Get a tripod and a ring-light and call your partner at pre-set times of day when you know both of you can be free to chat. Regular calls build consistency and confidence that the relationship is a priority. It allows you to share at least part of your day with the other and touch base about the things that are going on.

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2.       Be Playful: keep things fun!

This is true for any relationship, but especially for a long distance one. Have fun with each other! There are so many ways to do this. You can send jokes, memes, tik toks, and funny banter. You can play virtual games, actual games during your video calls, send music to one another, and even watch movies together. Think about what you would do with your partner if they were in the same room with you and translate that to the virtual realm. Trust me- it can be done! Keep it light, be easy to laugh, and make an effort to make your partner smile. This builds intimacy in any type of relationship (virtual or in-person) and enhances the desire to communicate. Laughing improves the quality of life of both people, creates closeness and relieves stress.

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3.       Future Planning

How exciting is it when you have something booked and put on your calendar?! Do that with your partner, whether it's one month out or 6 months out. Make plans that you can both work on together. Create a point of excitement so you both become forward thinking. If you can’t book something concrete, fantasize with your partner about what you MIGHT do in the future. Maybe you both want to save up for a trip to Thailand one day; maybe you want to imagine what it would be like to live together in a fabulous destination. It doesn’t matter what the actual or imagined plans are; when you create together you stimulate connection.

Why not have fun with the destinations and plan for a couple's retreat? My partner and I have some great memories together BECAUSE of our distance. Meeting somewhere in-between or going to a place we've both never been to is our idea of fun and adventure. Plus your air miles will love you!

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